Biography: Amanda Kobayashi

As the newly appointed Leadership Intern, Amanda Kobayashi is extremely excited to be apart of the Hawaii HOSA executive council.  Amanda hopes to help the officers to the best of her ability in efforts to create the best possible experience for all of the members this year.  She also hopes to learn all that she can from the officers, in order to become a better leader.  

Growing up throughout her childhood, Amanda always looked up to her older sister, Erin, as a role model.  Amanda joined HOSA her sophomore year, after hearing about the wonderful experiences her sister gained from the organization.  This past year, she was able to attend HOSA’s International Leadership Conference in Orlando, Florida; which was an amazing experience.  HOSA has given not only her, but her sister so much, and she is extremely honored to be able to give back to this ever growing organization.

Amanda has always found joy in helping others and hopes to take that passion into the medical field.  She currently aspires to become an Occupational Therapist and is working to one day help those who face disabilities lead an independent life.  Being surrounded by those who have the same passion to one day join the medical field, has inspired her interest to serve.

As a junior attending Moanalua High School, Amanda also enjoys participating in many other co-curricular and extracurricular activities.  This includes, being apart of the Moanalua High School varsity soccer team and she hopes to continue the sport throughout her high school career.   Amanda was also recently inducted into her school’s National Honor Society and looks forward to continue to serve the community.  In addition, she is involved in Moanalua’s homecoming festivities, helping lead the class of 2019 as their Homecoming Chairperson.  Amanda is also a current volunteer at Kaiser Permanente, a place that has strengthened her passion for the medical field.  As the current Vice President of Membership for the Moanalua Chapter, she hopes to encourage others to join HOSA and help them gain the valuable experiences that this organization offers!

Even when things do not go as planned, Amanda remembers this quote by Helen Keller, “Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement.  Nothing can be done without hope and confidence”.  She hopes to bring optimism and a positive attitude with her on this new responsibility she is embarking on with all of the HOSA state officers.  Amanda looks forward to meeting more of the members and is hopeful that she will help make this year a memorable one!