Biography: Rosemarie Alika Maltezo

As the newly elected State Post-Secondary Representative, Rosemarie Alika Maltezo is eager to work with each HOSA chapter located here in Hawaii. Her goal is to continue on improving HOSA membership along with creating more publicity for HOSA. She believes that HOSA is a great way to introduce individuals who aspire to work in the health care industry. During her first year in HOSA, she has created bountiful memories with those from neighboring islands and in her own. Not only did she get a chance to meet people, she attained a lot of information about the different health care fields. Now in her third year of HOSA, Rose Alika continuously learns because she is always provided with different materials, and with these materials that she has obtained, HOSA has taught her to become a leader. She knows that in life there are much more things to learn. HOSA is both educational and social because it brings together everyone from all over the world that have something in common which is, passion for healthcare. Additionally, HOSA has opened Rose Alika’s eyes and taught her that through achievement and dedication you can get to places.

At the age of 5, Rosemarie Alika Maltezo was asked the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Knowing only some basic information she replied with, “A doctor because I want to help people and cure diseases.” Rosemarie Alika Maltezo has always been interested about the health care field and the different techniques that are used to create a difference. Throughout the many years in her life, she always knew that she wanted to be in the healthcare system because she likes to help people and provide them with knowledge of the things that are happening in their own life. However, there were times when Rose Alika could not make up her mind in what she wanted to pursue. At age 7, she wanted to be a pediatrician. Then at age 10, she wanted to be a pharmacist. At age 14, she wanted to pursue radiology. Now at age 18, she aspires to become a Physician Assistant in the United States Air Force. Rose Alika believes that with the help of HOSA and skills that are experienced, one day she will attain great success.

Rosemarie Alika Maltezo has admired Rosa Parks as one of her role models. Because of that, Rose Alika lives by the quote, “One man can change the world.” She believes that everyone is capable of making a difference in their life, if they have the willpower and resiliency, just in case things don’t go the way they are planned. Everyone has a purpose in life. Right now, Rose Alika is focusing on the advancement of HOSA. With the different events happening and participation of local chapters, everyone takes part in creating an impact. Rose Alika knows that with HOSA, one man can change the world. The result of one man changing the world means others following through that will create a chain reaction in which everyone will be a part of and a greater future is born.