Biography: Brycen Kawamoto

From a very young age, all Brycen Kawamoto wanted to do was help people.  Joining HOSA has given him the opportunity to work alongside other individuals with similar interests in order to make this desire a reality.  Born and raised on the Windward side, Brycen strives to better himself and those around him.  Currently attending J.B. Castle High School, he primarily focuses on his academics, however, has time to participate in extracurricular activities, HOSA being one of them.  He was introduced to HOSA during his sophomore year and enjoyed what the organization represented so much that he later became Castle’s chapter treasurer a year later.

He credits HOSA for his personal and social growth as an individual.  Exposing him to new experiences, introducing him to new people, and getting him out of his comfort zone,  HOSA has pushed him to do things he once thought he’d never do.  Aside from his goals of improving communication, building lasting relationships, and developing lifelong skills, Brycen hopes to work diligently in order to benefit others.

When in the presence of uncertainty, Brycen remembers a quote by Roy T. Bennett. “The one who falls and gets up is stronger than the one who never tried. Do not fear failure but rather fear not trying.”  With that in mind, he strives to do his best no matter the outcome.  As State treasurer, Brycen will never give up and will represent HOSA in a positive manner.  While there may be obstacles along the way, he will always get back up and work hard to overcome it.

While he doesn’t yet have an idea on what occupation he wants to pursue, Brycen aspires to work within the healthcare field.  This will allow him to aid those who are in need of medical assistance.  While he is aware that there is a lot more to learn, he knows that he will only give his best and will work harder to obtain his goals.